*Kanye West closed out the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles Sunday night in dramatic form. And as host Chelsea Handler so in-elegantly put it, the rapper/producer was the “big, black elephant in the room” at this year’s show. And he knew it.

So, instead of avoiding the controversy of last year’s VMAs, West turned the event into fodder for his new track. Here’s how MTV’s Mawuse Ziegbe described it:

The MC walked to the middle of the stage alone, sporting a fire-engine-red suit and gold chains, to a white MPC on a pedestal. West then punched out a few notes from his new song, the companion film for which viewers got a peek at during the pre-show, in the center of the black-and-white stage. A trio of dancers dashed onstage carrying beige scarves before West picked up the mic and began to spit.

“I always find something wrong/ You been putting up with my sh– way too long,” the MC rhymed, presumably referring to his various headline-hogging outbursts. “I’m so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most.”

Then ‘Ye, who has weathered an outsize amount of criticism, dedicated the performance to his mother and let loose.

“Let’s have a toast for the douche bags/ Let’s have a toast for the a–holes/ Let’s have a toast for scumbags,” West sang. The MC then dished out advice to listeners who may be dealing with the aforementioned “bags.” “I got a plan/ Run away as fast as you can.”

After rhyming the chorus once again, switching up his vocals with a reverb effect, West closed the performance on a triumphant note. The crowd chanted “Kanye!” as a curtain of pyro rained down onto the stage.

Read MORE of Mawuse Ziegbe’s report, HERE.

So while West didn’t directly address last year’s forgettable incident with Taylor Swift onstage, his performance mocked the boorish behavior that has dogged him since the incident. With this presentation he appears to be on the road to putting what happened behind him. Unless he gives in to his demons again.