Sandy Jean Philippe, Xango and Adai Lamar celebrate women's curves at fashion event (photo: Donald Carraway)

*Haitian beauty, Sandy Jean Philippe has been seen by millions on E! Television as the winner of Ryan Seacrest’s show Bank of Hollywood. Sandy took her winnings from the show to develop Chance Entertainment which produces Sandy’s new venture Evolution of Curves, a national touring fashion show for plus size models. Her main focus is to produce shows that benefit Haiti’s still much needed relief to rebuild homes.

I was invited to attend her recent show at Ecco Lounge in Hollywood which The Style Network was filming. At the door, we were asked to fill out release forms, but what’s a little preliminary procedure to see a great show which promised to feature new styles from a variety of designers including one of my favorite stores, Forever 21.

Upon arrival I ran into KJLH’s Adai Lamar who served as MC for the event. She had to fill out forms too. No exceptions here.

Sandy was glowing and showing off her toned body that she has developed with the help of Hollywood fitness guru and film actor Xango Henry.

Sandy is always a gracious host.  On the red carpet she made sure to personally greet her guests and even escort them onto the carpet and announce their names to the press. What a sweetheart!!!!!.

At the onset of the fashion portion of the show, Sandy took the mic, cordially thanked sponsors and her trainer in her warm sweet and gentle voice. However when she addressed current conditions in Haiti, she broke down and shed tears over the country’s plight. Sandy stated that homes were still not built and expressed her concern about where has all the money gone to rebuild, stressed concern over relatives who are victims and vowed to continue to generate revenues to revert the devastation that is so prevalent. Then Adai took over the show.

Adai is such a pro; she kept things light and fun. A little curvalicious gurl herself, she identified with the models and kept reiterating that curvaceous ladies should be proud of their attributes.

Gift bags consisting of high-energy drinks and some gift certificates were offered to all guests. That’s right, Sandy was keeping it healthy.  Unlike most events where you get one little gift bag, Sandy’s guests could take one two or three bags! Loved that generosity!

The event was short and sweet lasting only a couple of hours. Toward the end of the evening, I spotted Cherilyn Lee. You may recall Ms. Lee was Michael Jackson’s nurse at the time of his untimely demise. Cherilyn set a great example how not to be an enabler, by saying no. She currently heads a Nutri-Med Healthcare facility in Inglewood.

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