The cover for Naughty By Nature's upcoming mixtape

*Just when you thought the 90s were out of here, Naughty by Nature gives fans a giant dose of their music.

The group, along with Garden State Greats, will be releasing a new mixtape on September 20th through their official website Featuring the online hit “Hood Shit,” the 6-track EP will be free for everyone to download.

Garden State Greats, which is also featured in “Hood Shit,” is a collective of MCs dwelling in the underground hip-hop community, some of them new and some of them legends. “New Jersey is an untapped goldmine of talent,” Naughty By Nature’s Vin Rock said. “Included on the mixtape are newjacks such as Tah G Ali, as well as Jersey legends Doitall Dupree from Lords of the Underground and Fam Fa-Mill from the Rottin’ Razkals!”

Not only will Naughty by Nature feature underground musicians from around the way, but also want to feature the everyday people in their video!

For their next single “Flags,” which is a global ode to putting on for the place you claim, the group asks that everyone submit a photo representing their hometown, state or country with their favorite flag. Hi-res jpegs can be emailed to [email protected] by Monday, September 13th.

The original members of the Jersey trio are in the studio working on their first album in over a decade called Anthem Inc.