Brandon Spikes

*As they say, sex sells. It can also cause you to lose an endorsement. More on that shortly. First the bottom line.

Following in the footsteps of young Montana Fishburne, rookie linebacker, Brandon Spikes, of the New England Patriots has been caught butt, booty naked on a sex tape that somehow ended up on the Internet.

Spikes, who played football for Florida, is featured in an X-rated video, which appeared on WorldStarHipHop along with its explicit images. Spikes’ agent, Terry Watson, released a statement, stating that he was aware of the situation and has spoken to his client, ESPN Boston reported.

“It was something that occurred before he became an NFL draftee and a New England Patriot. I think for anyone it would be an embarrassing situation,” Watson said. “Brandon has shown to many people the kind of person he is before and after being drafted in the second round. He’s hoping to put this behind him and looks forward to having a great football season.”

While the NFL is investigating the scandal, some reports are saying an anonymous e-mailer offered the video to for $1,500, but the site refused. Hours later the tape showed up on WorldStarHipHop.

In the aftermath of the preceding, it should come as no surprise that Reebok has decided against a finalized an endorsement deal with Spikes.

Watson confirmed to the Boston Globe that the athletic shoe company had yanked an offer for a marketing deal.