*While in Prague, Kanye West sent out a series of tweets about filming a “movie companion” to coincide with his forthcoming fifth album, which is set for release Nov. 16.

Photos from the film set surfaced online Wednesday (Sept. 1), although details and a director have yet to be confirmed.

According to the blog ddotomen.com, the film is a “trailer” for a track titled “My Dark Twisted Fantasy,” off of his new album. The blog said the below banner appeared on his website a few weeks back, but was later “swapped out for a different picture.”

“Last day in Prague,” he tweeted late last week. “We’ve shot some good stuff so far … really good … NO! I mean REALLY GOOD!

“Just wrapped for the day,” he continued later. “Been shooting 16 hour days. … I’m so excited. … It’s like a child’s delusions become reality!”

And then there was this Aug. 26 tweet about what’s going on in the above photo: “On set of the movie…this doe just refuses to sit still… I told the deer… ‘what would Bambi do?’ & she looked at me like I was crazy.”

West, who previously worked with Spike Jonze for the short film “We Were Once a Fairytale,” is also prepping the release of a 5-song joint album with Jay-Z.