*Everyone has signature headphones these days, but that’s not stopping Quincy Jones. He’s jumping on the bandwagon and is coming out with his own line of designer headphones.

Jones has teamed up with another trusted name in audio quality, AKG (A division of one of my favorite companies, Harman) to create his signature line of headphones. Here is what Jones has to say about his collaboration with AKG:

“Throughout my entire career, I have trusted only AKG to deliver the highest standard of sound – the same standard I hold myself to when I make my music.”

Similar to other signature headphone lines, the Jones/AKG team will be introducing a line of over-the-ear (can) headphones, and in-ear (earbud) headphones available in lime green, black or white colors, ranging from $150 to $480 bucks.

They will be available in Oct.