*R&B singer and actress Teairra Mari is sucking it up and moving on with her career. She has a few obstacles lately, with her Rocafella Records deal falling through and a tucked away Warner Bros. album.

“I went through many different transitions. There was a point I wanted to give up. But I kept telling myself, ‘That’s what people want you to do.’ So they can laugh at you and say you didn’t make it,” Mari told Singersroom.com. “Because people are watching, so was I gonna feed them that? No, I’ve always been a competitive girl. So I had to take what I had and do good with it. So, I’m here and I feel that I have so much more to do and so far to go.”

Despite her troubles, the singer recently landed a role in big screen movie, “The Lottery Ticket” and is working on putting out another album.

When asked how does she keep her dream alive, she said. “The same thing I tell every young person: Keep the people that are going to keep you grounded around,” Mari said. “At a time when I was signed to Rocafella, I lost that. I excluded everyone that was there from the beginning from my life. Because I let people in the industry divide and conquer. I let people get in my head. So the best advice I could give is, keep a strong foundation. It’s the only way you’ll make it.”