Earl Ofari Hutchinson

*The only word to describe the dozens of Democrats that are sprinting from President Obama in Olympic record sprint times is gutless.

They have taken out ads loudly protesting that they voted against health care and immigration reform, the stimulus, and extending the Bush tax cuts to the rich, are hawkish on the wars, and that they are their own political man or woman and don’t take any orders from the White House.

Now bear in mind these are the same Democrats that in 2008 clung to Obama’s coattail as if it was the Holy Grail. They blitzed voters in their districts with stagey photo-op shots of them with a smiling Obama, splashy videos with his image, and mug shots of Obama on virtually every page of their campaign toss outs.

But that was then. The GOP sniffing political blood in the Democrat’s gutless desertion from the president has plowed nearly $40 million into 300 ads ramming Siamese twin like the defecting Democrats to Obama.

The White House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a legion of Democratic campaign officials shrug this off as just politics. This is the kind of thing they say that Democrats and Republicans have to do to get elected and re-elected. They distance themselves from the policies and even person of an unpopular president.

Republicans did it with Bush, they say. Many candidates and incumbents that were locked in tight races with Democrats flatly said and even more strongly hinted that Bush was persona non grata in their district during the campaign.

But there’s a big difference between their nose thumb at Bush and the Democrat’s shove away from Obama.

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