Evan Ross as Tariq in "MOOZ-lum"

*Timing couldn’t have been better for a new film premiering this month set against the politically-charged backdrop of the Sept. 11th attacks, and what it means to be Muslim in 21st century America.

Evan Ross, Danny Glover and Nia Long star in “MOOZ-lum,” which is scheduled to debut Sept. 17 in New York as part of the Urbanworld Film Festival.

Nia Long in the film "MOOZ-lum"

Written and directed by Qasim Basir and filmed via a multi-faith, diverse production team, “MOOZ-lum” is billed as one of the first American features depicting the life of a young Muslim-American.

Ross stars as Tariq, a young African-American Muslim entering college who just wants to “fit in.” Overcoming deep personal traumas in his search for identity, he struggles to reconcile a difficult personal, religious history with his new changed reality.

Long plays Tariq’s mother and Roger Guenveur Smith stars as his father.

Roger Guenveur Smith in "MOOZ-lum"

Basir has written the story as much from his own passion and experience as he has from observing the world around him.

“The recent incidences of violence and hatred in response to the building of a Muslim cultural center near Ground Zero have put us significant steps backwards,” says Basir. “My hope is that ‘MOOZ-lum’ will allow for the world to witness the diversity amongst Muslims, our faith and the connectedness to a common humanity, and in turn lead to further understanding and tolerance.”

Summer Bishil also stars in “MOOZ-lum,” which is currently seeking distribution.

Watch the trailer and a behind-the-scenes video below.