Cheryl Green

*The LA Times is reporting that two Latino gang members were convicted Thursday of first-degree murder in a hate crime trial surrounding the deaths of a 14-year-old black girl and a potential witness in the Harbor Gateway area of Los Angeles.

The jury deliberated for less than two days in the case of Jonathan Fajardo, 22, and Daniel Aguilar, 23, both members of the 204th street gang. Fajardo was found guilty of killing Cheryl Green because she was black.

As the Times pointed out in a previous article, perhaps what is most confounding about the motivation behind the shooting is the fact that Fajardo is half Mexican and half black. His father is Creole, whose parents were from Belize.

Fajardo and Aguilar were also convicted of Killing fellow gang member Christopher Ash because they thought he snitched to the police about the killing of Green.

Jonathan Fajardo