*Alicia Keys is doing her part in the name of entrepreneurship with the launch of a new virtual piano software. The Grammy Award-winning songwriter and singer has worked with Native Instruments to create a program that mimics her Yamaha C3 Neo Grand Piano, giving full access to her music log.

The program was created with the help of her engineer Ann Mincieli and sample specialist Thomas Skarbee, says Keys:

“We started with an idea of creating piano software that felt like home to me,” Keys said. “I wanted to be able to take my piano sound on the road with me as well as have it any time I wanted to record,” she said. “Ann thought it would be interesting to bring in Thomas Scarbee because he created some bass sounds that we love and use often, but he hadn’t done a virtual piano sound. We all got together in my studio and started to create it by going through this long process of sampling, recording everyone note sound and expressive nuance. We ended up with me entire piano in virtual form.”

The virtual piano software was even used to create her last album ‘The Element of Freedom,’ in addition to using it extensively on her recent world tour.

Look for the software in stores soon.