Jay Pharoah

*EUR has learned that “Saturday Night Live” is on the verge of hiring young up and coming comic Jay Pharoah to its line up for the it’s 36th season begins on Sept. 25.

Pharoah, a young stand-up comedian from Virginia’s Tidewater area who has a full arsenal of impersonations — including SNL alum Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Denzel Washington and yes, President Barack Obama. In fact, the word is that he’ll replace Fred Armisen, the white guy who does the show’s Obama impersonations.

Although we’ve seen rave reviews of Pharoah’s Obama, we’re not that knocked out with it. See for yourself in the video below. On the other hand, his send ups of Jay-Z, Will, Denzel and Eddie & Charlie Murphy are spot on genius. Again, see the videos below to judge for yourself.

If you’re not familiar with Pharoah, his bio says he’s 22, but began working on his impersonations as early as junior high and in local comedy clubs in the Tidewater area by the time he was 15. His comedy idols are ex-SNL-ers Chris Rock and the afore mentioned Eddie Murphy

Pharoah has toured in the clubs with Charlie Murphy, and this spring, he performed in character at BET’s “Spring Bling” with BET’s Terrence J:

For more on Jay Pharoah, see his MySpace or Facebook pages.