*Vocalist Will Downing on his new “Lust, Love & Lies” CD:

“I think people sometimes don’t know how to categorize my music. It’s soulful, but it’s also slightly jazzy. It’s a blend of so many things. But I think this album solidifies what I’m doing and where I’m going. It locks into a groove and says, Okay, this is an R&B record.”

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Lust, Love & Lies (An Audio Novel) – Tracklisting

1. Glad I Met You Tonight
2. Feelin’ Alright
3. Lust At First Sight [Conversation]
4. Get To Know You
5. Tell Me
6. Consensual
7. Safe In His Arms
8. Put Yo Momma On The Phone [Conversation]
9. Fly Higher
10. Saturday
11. Guess Who’s Back [Conversation]
12. Shades
13. Extra! Extra! [Conversation]
14. Libido Interuptus [Conversation]
15. Do You Know
16. You Do U [Conversation]
17. At This Moment
18. I Got You Back [Conversation]
19. Coulda Been / Shoulda Been
20. Déjà vu “Glad I Met You Tonight” [Conversation]

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Will Downing
Lust, Love & Lies (An Audio Novel)
Available Now on Amazon.com | iTunes
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