Dr. Cindy Trimm

*Sometimes when concepts are difficult for you to grasp or comprehend, you simply need to say, “Let there be light!” The first recorded thing God said was, “Let there be light.”

Light illuminates.

What you really want is for your spirit and your mind to be illuminated-you want to obtain insight and wisdom. When it feels as if you are wandering in the dark and can’t figure out what to do, stop and command, “Let there be light!”

A minister friend was having difficulty paying the bills of her ministry. It had become an almost insurmountable task. When one bill was paid, there were several left unpaid. The bills kept coming without sufficient income to cover them, until one day she began uttering four simple words, “Let there be light.”

She stopped focusing on her difficulty and stared focusing on the answer: God’s light. She let the light of His goodness fill her mind and, following her heavenly Father’s example, commanded that light be made manifest by the words of her mouth. The answer had always been there, but it had been hidden from her conscious mind because her focus on the problem prohibited her from seeing the solution. In a way, when she finally saw the light, there was light. God revealed innovative ways for her to not only pay the bills but also to prosper. She now has a thriving ministry and a million-dollar business.

Four simple words opened her spirit to receive divine wisdom from God. These four simple words can help you , too. Don’t hesitate to speak out in faith, “Let there be light!”Speak these words over perplexing situations and watch God work. Remember, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning” (James 1:17). God wants you to have what is good and perfect.

Did you get that?

You don’t just have to have good health; you can have perfect health. You don’t have to settle for a good job; you can have a perfect job, or better still, the perfect business that not only pays the bills but also gives you enough left over to be a tremendous blessing to others. You don’t have to settle for a good marriage; you can have the perfect marriage. You don’t have to settle for a good life; you can have a perfect life.

So go ahead; shout it from the rooftops, “Let there be light!”

You will be delightfully surprised that perhaps what you have been looking for is right before your eyes.

It was simply awaiting illumination.
The above is an excerpt from Dr. Cindy Trimm’s book, “Commanding Your Morning: Unleash The Power Of God In Your Life”.

© Dr. Cindy Trimm. All rights reserved.

“When everything you do is all about you, then nothing you do will really matter.” ~Ralph Marston



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