Saptosa Foster (Managing Partner, 135th St Agency) and Shante Bacon (Founder/CEO, 135th Street Agency)

*Nearly a year after the “Love N’ Haiti” campaign, the agency behind it, 135th Street, won a Mosaic Award from the American Advertising Federation.

From left to right: American Advertising Federation president Jim Datri, Saptosa Foster (Managing Partner, 135th St Agency), Shante Bacon (Founder/CEO, 135th Street Agency) and Carol Sagers (US Marketing Director, McDonalds)

In conjunction with the city of Miami, this campaign brought together celebs like Wyclef, Russell Simmons and Garcelle Beauvais to use social media as a mouthpiece to promote an environmentally-friendly business in Haiti. Their ultimate goal was to crown Haiti in the BBC’s World Challenge contest as a place of innovation despite a crisis as devastating as a hurricane. Although they did not win, their green efforts caught the eye of millions in a span of eight weeks, including President Bill Clinton.

After their award-winning success, 135th Street Agency has been tapped by Walt Disney Studios to do the marketing and PR within the African-American community for the holiday releases of Tangled, the 2010 adaptation of historical character Rapunzel, and TRON: Legacy, the sequel to the 1982 Jeff Bridges classic. This includes private screenings for tastemakers in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta as well as special promotional screenings in the offices of several Black publications.