Dr. Juliane Malveaux

*Geensboro, NC — Dr. Julianne Malveaux, president of Bennett College for Women, will be among a 17-person delegation traveling to Haiti Oct. 7-11 as part of the Haiti Support Project, Pilgrimage and Assessment Delegation. Their mission is to lay down the groundwork for creating a support system that will assist the Haitian people in developing a strong, self- sufficient infrastructure, and a sustainable economy on the island.  

The trip comes at an important time, because despite the many volunteers who offered support after the devastating earthquake last January, and the millions of dollars in international aid that was donated to help with the rebuilding, there is still widespread suffering.

In anticipation of tremendous progress during the 5 day visit, the delegation has put forth a list of priorities that include a briefing at the U.S. Embassy, a meeting with business and political leaders, a tour of the island and a discussion of humanitarian needs and investment opportunities. Dr. Malveaux is anxious to get started, and is also looking forward to getting her students involved in making a positive impact in the lives of others.

“The women of Bennett College are concerned about our sisters and brothers in Haiti,” Dr. Malveaux said. “We participate in the Institute for the Black World delegation to confirm ways we can work to improve conditions in Haiti. Our faculty and staff embrace the fractured educational system; our students are focused on service possibilities.  As the President of Bennett College for Women, I travel to Haiti to offer support; I bring a student, Tatiana Walker, to accompany me because our students are our strength.  We look forward to continued engagement with students and teachers in Haiti.”

Tatiana Z. Walker, a junior majoring in psychology, will accompany Dr. Malveaux on the trip.

“To have been afforded such a distinct and privileged opportunity to travel to Haiti sparks a feeling of appreciation and excitement,” Walker said. “I am thrilled to have been chosen to take this trip and be a part of the Haiti Support Project. This will be my first time out of the country and I must say I am overwhelmed with the unforgettable experience I’m sure I’ll have and exposure to a different culture, but more importantly, the service project I will implement for Haiti. This is indeed an honor that I have not been able to find the best words to describe as of yet.”

Walker plans to take some valuable information back to her classmates with the hope of painting a vivid picture of what they might expect. Bennett College is considering taking a much larger group of student volunteers during their spring break next year.

Other members of the current delegation are:

– Honorable Hazelle P. Johnson, State Representative, Lauderhill, FL
– Victoria Rowell, Actress, humanitarian, Los Angeles
– Joe Beasley, President, African Ascensions, Atlanta
– Erin D. Hackney, Vice-President, Joe Beasley Foundation, Atlanta
– Carlyle  Holder, President/CEO, Corrections Management and Communications Group, Orlando, FL
– Dean Decker, Treasurer/Director, Broward County Building Officials Association, Miami
– Kenneth Koch, Director, Broward County Building Officials Association, Miami
– Tatiana Z. Walker, Student, Bennett College for Women, Greensboro, NC
– Natasha Lewis, Student, York College City University of New York, Jamaica, New York
– Herb Boyd, Staff Writer, New York Amsterdam News, Reporter, Free Speech T.V., New York
– Eddie Harris, Award winning filmmaker, Free Speech T.V., New York
– Richard Muhammad, Editor-in-Chief, The Final Call Newspaper, Chicago
– Ellen Ratner, News Talk Radio, Washington, D.C.
– Hulbert James, Board of Directors, Institute of the Black World 21st Century and Haiti Support Project Working Group, Miami
– Mary France-Daniels, Board of Directors, Institute of the Black World 21st Century and Haiti Support Project Working Group, New York
– Dr. Ron Daniels, President, Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Founder, Haiti Support Project, New York

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