*Although many would claim their church is the house of God and a rock that cannot be removed, when the money isn’t right, there’s not much anyone can do.

Churches and Christians, like other companies and individuals, are struggling in the economic downturn. But there is a way out.

So how can you overcome these tough times?

Tell the Truth
Don’t deny your true feelings about the situation. If you are afraid, confused, disappointed, embarrassed or even mad at God, admit it. Be real with God yourself, and your family.

Flip the Script
Pretending you don’t need to make changes will only put you deeper in the hole! The quicker you flip the script by changing your lifestyle, the sooner you’ll begin to feel better and get back on course. If necessary, sell the car, the house, and/or the jewelry. Get an extra job, and if you’re out of work, take a lower paying job until you can find something better.

Examine Your Spending
Now is the time to keep close tabs on your spending; track your dollars and make sure money isn’t being wasted. In other words, get on a budget. And if creditors are hounding you, answer the phone, explain your situation, and request a payment deferment or set up a plan (even if it’s $25 a month).

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