*Doug E. Fresh is one of those names that definitely goes down in history and is still making history.

While the veteran rapper has made quite a name for himself over the 25-years he’s been in the game, he is still making headlines in new ways.

The now 44 year-old artist has returned to his hometown, Harlem, and opened up a new restaurant on 132nd and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard called “Doug E’s.”

“Really even in this whole Obama initiative, and everything that’s going on with the economy, the only way to jump start it is we have to give each other opportunity. That’s the only way to make it work,” says Fresh, whose real name is Douglas E. Davis.

His new spot will create new jobs for neighborhood teens after school, while customers get to sit down to some good ol’ soul food (including chicken, fish and waffles) and even Caribbean cuisine.

“I understand the kid that, you know, he needs some money because he gotta get back and forth to school,” says Fresh.

He further explained that he used to be one of those kids on the block.

Mr. Fresh is busy and his wife is seeing him through. The couple also has a recording studio around the corner and is planning to put up a comedy club.

While he’s doing big things, Fresh is still just one of the homies.

“I could still walk the street. I don’t have to have no massive security. I mean if I’m in the street, it’s so serious here, people come up to me, ‘Yo man, you want me to walk with you up the block?” says Fresh.