Sir Elton John and Michael Jackson at a BMI-hosted luncheon in Jackson’s honor in 1990.

*While promoting his new album “The Union,” Elton John was asked about his close relationship with Michael Jackson, and described the late singer as a “damaged” man in the later years of his life.

John, who revealed that Jackson came to his gigs with Elizabeth Taylor, said that he put too much pressure on himself to be successful. Recalling a time Jackson visited his home, John told the Telegraph: “[He was] charming, sweet, lovely – but damaged.

“He came down here and we closed all the curtains and had lunch. He said it was the first time he’d sat down and had a meal with people for 10 years. He would always eat on his own.”

“Fame infantilizes people. You don’t ever grow up. But thank God, I did,” said John.

He continued: “I remember talking to Michael once when he did ‘Thriller’ and I said, ‘How are you going to top that?’ He said, ‘Oh, the next one’s going to do twice as much’, and I thought, Michael, it’s not. You can’t. You put so much pressure on yourself.”