*Former NFL wife turned radio and television personality Shanae Hall feels that the self-help tidbits from Steve Harvey derived from the fashioned and nurtured “player” mentalities developed by women who chastise them.

So Hall decided to provide her own advice in relationships by writing Why Do I have to Think Like A Man? How to Think Like a Lady and Still Get The Man.

The book, set to hit book stores in November, is based on more than 300 interviews with men and women over 25, and the author’s own dating drama. It reveals a unique perspective on deal breakers, commitment, baggage, what men really want and getting what women want in return – from Hall and her mother, Rhonda Frost. The mother-daughter, hold-nothing-back collaboration aims to give readers a perspective that Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and his upcoming piece “Straight Talk, No Chaser” could not, an uncensored woman’s view on dating.

“It’s not the man that makes the difference, it’s how you (women) deal with the man that makes the difference between heartbreak and a mutually beneficially situation,” Hall says, who was married to Cory Hall, former player of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.

Both survivors of emotional and physical abuse, Hall and Frost are donating a portion of book sales to battered women shelters and other agencies that help women.

“We hope to empower all the women out there selling themselves short, hearing but not listening to the men they date, seeing but not heeding the obvious warning signs,” Frost says. “Getting the guy isn’t about knowing how they think. It’s about dating smart, knowing what you want, and raising your standards.”