*Although Foxy Brown hasn’t been the most delicate of women lately, she is putting her name down to be considered the youth ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. She actually comes from a bloodline of Trinidadians herself.

“Who else but me?” Foxy asserted. “I am a staunch supporter of American-Caribbean relations and my music targets the exact same demographic and genre of young people I want to stand up for.”

Brown is serious about her venture, explaining to the press she has “forged many political alliances” and is a well-educated woman. But in the meantime, she’s dealing with some legal issues. However, she believes she is a qualified woman.

“Beyond just having a vast amount of music industry experience,” Brown continued, “I am a staunch believer in being the voice for our young Trinidadian people.”

Yeah Foxy, who else but you indeed? Think about it. With all the crazies in politics these days, like Christine O’Donnell, Alvin Green and Carl Paladino, she looks just as qualified to us. Run Foxy, run!