*When we first heard a documentary called “GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up?” (opening today in Los Angeles) was being released we didn’t really know what to expect, especially when we heard there would be “actual” pimps appearing in the film. After all weren’t there like three documentaries covering the subject of pimping in the past? How could you take a different angle on pimping and hoing? It is what it is: oppressed and oppressor, tyrant and victim, wolf and lamb.

Created and co-directed by E. Raymond Brown (Author of a book by the same name) and William H. Arntz (producer/director of “What The Bleep Do We Know”), the P.R. kit states the documentary examines how the aforementioned relationship is actual global relations on a micro-scale. We rolled our eyes and sighed, especially after seeing rapper Too Short mentioned as making an appearance, but upon watching a screening copy of “GhettoPhysics” we were soon enlightened and were chomping at the bit to interview such a forward thinking young man. It’s not like no one has ever made the analogies that he has made before, but no one has ever put them on film in such an entertaining and enlightening way.

E. Raymond Brown in 'GhettoPhysics'

“It’s inherently controversial, both title and conversation, and I knew that taking it on,” Brown told our Lee Bailey. “What’s important is there’s a kind of mystique about the title. What is it really about? And people are finding out it’s kind of a trojan horse thing because it jumps at them as way more than you think. Now that the word is out, and the information is out in the blogsphere, people are starting to hear more and find out about it. The title can work for us for a part of the population for some people, as well as initially having certain people be put off by this.”

The picture is being released by Captured Light Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films and the drums of promotion have been beating for some time now. Audiences are aware of both Brown and Arntz’s reputations and are looking forward to thought provoking commentary on modern civilization, and the pimp/ho relationships littered through out, from such minds as Dr. Cornel West, KRS-One, former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and legendary TV producer Norman Lear, among others. (Yeah, Norman Lear! We were trippin’ on that too.)

In 'GhettoPhysics,' the Pope and Dick Cheney are world-class pimps

In the film E. Raymond Brown appears as a professor teaching a fictional college class. In said class Brown separates some of our most loved and revered heroes, and history’s most hated despots, into pimps. Then he divides them into pimping “sub-categories” as well. We know some are turned off at the mere mention of pimps and hos, but it’s all around us. Here, Brown talks about how he first began thinking about the concept.

“I looked at the term pimps-and-hos and how it’s used in Hip-Hop, and looked at Hip-Hop’s influence on corporate America: Big Pimpin’, Pimp My Ride, Pimp My Ipod, etc. Burger King even had a commercial called Pimp My Whooper. I realized those terms had archetypical significance … just like a king or a queen or a warrior or hero in traditional mythology, the way they are being used to describe the way someone wields power.

“At the time I was writing the book every country in the world, and Congress, was against going to war in Iraq,” he continued. “Bush just blasted through there, bombed the civilian population and took over the oil fields. If this isn’t the biggest act of pimp-ism then what’s really going down? It was like the whole world was being bitch slapped basically.”

Though the world likes to look at George W. Bush as if he is the personification of evil, Brown believes that he was little more than Pimp, er, Dick Cheney’s most prized ho. By the time Dick Cheney and Bush were out of the White House, Halliburton was making record profits. Hmm, can you really argue with Brown’s logic?

“If you want to step in here intellectually you’re going to see what it does when we put the lens out there and see what’s taking place in the world of power, this is what it is,” Brown told EURweb.com. “This is what it is when you have the military might, the resources, the connections or however you can wield your agenda over other groups of people. The oil prices are going to keep going up. They’re not going to stop and say ‘Oh, I’m gonna let the hos catch up.’ It’s going to cost you more to buy a gallon of gas, to buy a bag of groceries, to buy a house and in 5 years Halliburton is going to want a bigger contract and the state department is going to tell you a bigger lie.”

Nobody breaks 'the game' down better than KRS-one in 'GhettoPhysics'

Are you starting to see his point? Halfway through the film we found ourselves amazed at the celebrities Brown and Arntz were able to get for the film. The diverse backgrounds and upbringings did not blind them to the pimp/ho phenomenon. There’s an interesting conversation with a man named John Perkins, formerly of the World Bank and author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.” After listening to him you come to realize why some of the world’s people hate our beloved country. The whole business of economic aid to third world nations? Nothing but pimpin’ and hoin’ on a global scale. Very sobering stuff. One of our favorites was KRS-One, who was one of E. Raymond Brown’s favorite’s as well.

“He knew nothing prior to us sitting down and doing the interview,” said Brown of legendary Kris Parker. “I’m like ‘This guy is truly brilliant!’ He’s like a black Socrates. He just responded and was like ‘Hey, one of the first things that got established in human civilization is the pimp/hoe game.’ He got all up into the subject. I have like an hour and a half of him expounding on the subject. He was truly brilliant, you know? (He gets it and comes with it … civilization is a pimp game.)”

A game indeed. In fact, “GhettoPhysics” makes that [point over and over through out the film that that’s the bottom line. It’s all about the game.

As was so eloquently pointed out by Mr. Brown in the film, many hos love their pimps and would not have things any other way. He went on to explain how a successful pimp is able to place his dream in the minds of others to the extent that the “others” believe the dream is their own. How many transplanted realities have you ingested in your life time? Religiously, politically, socially, economically? Yeah, it gets real deep.

“GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up?” opens today in Los Angeles at the Rave Motion Pictures 18 + IMAX (formerly the Bridge) off the 405 Freeway. For specific showtimes, go HERE.

For MORE information you about the film log on to www.ghettophysics.com.