Stan Shepperd

*During my 30 plus years in this business, I can truly say that I have done some good deals, and believe me, I have done some bad deals.

This whole business journey has opened my eyes in a variety of ways and I must say, the number one thing I have learned is that “YOU WILL NEVER GET WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE WORTH… YOU WILL ONLY GET WHAT YOU NEGOTIATE FOR”.

Based upon my personal experiences, there are very few people that you will meet in this industry that fall under the heading of “TRUE FRIENDS”. The system, quite frankly, isn’t set up to foster those types of relationships.

For those of you who make your living in the industry, ask yourselves this question… “DO YOU HAVE ANY TRUE FRIENDS OR ARE YOU SURROUNDED BY SELFISH OPPORTUNISTS WHO ONLY HAVE THEIR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART?”  Well, it’s unfortunate to say, but from my experiences, “TRUE FRIENDS ARE A RARITY AND ARE VERY HARD TO COME BY”.

It seems as if your relationships in this business are just as good as the last deal you make with most people. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done 20 good things for most of the people you cross paths with, if you do one thing they don’t agree with, then the 20 good things you did for them is OUT THE WINDOW. All the things in the past mean absolutely NOTHING. How did Janet Jackson put it… “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY ?”  It is sad, but oh so true!

It seems as if people in this business have a “ME FIRST ATTITUDE” and could care less about LOYALTY AND BEING A TEAM PLAYER. It seems like that attitude has taken hold in the boardrooms and in the streets across the country. How many times have you had guys who are supposed to be DOWN WITH YOU avoid you when they get their hands on some cash or when they get a deal in the music industry ? I know most of the people I have met during my three decades in this business will run from you like you’ve got an infectious disease if they even THINK you will ask them for some financial assistance once they get their little mitts on a check that clears!  Does this remind you of anyone YOU KNOW ?
Where’s all that WE’RE FROM THE SAME HOOD CRAP when THEY have it and YOU DON’T ?  They might buy you a dinner from time to time, or give you a few bucks to pay a light bill if you’re lucky, but don’t expect most of these so-called HOMEBOYS to keep you around for long if you aren’t actively putting cash in THEIR POCKETS. Believe me, I’ve had to learn that the hard way.

How many times have you heard this phrase…  ” MAN, I LOVE YOU.. YOU KNOW I GOT YOU.. WHEN I GOT IT YOU GOT IT “. In my personal life, if I had a dime for every time I heard that line of BS, I would have a home next to BILL GATES ESTATE. That is exactly the reason why I trust very few people’s WORD in this business. It seems when money is on the table, they develop amnesia. If you want to talk about doing business with ME, then LET’S PUT IT ON PAPER. When you hit folks with that information, see how many of them reach for a pen !

During the past ten years, I have been criticized, ridiculed and called “COLD AND CALCULATING” for doing business the way I do. If you mention my name in certain circles, you might get “DON’T MESS WITH THAT DUDE…HE’LL GET YOU WITH THE PAPERWORK”. What does THAT MEAN ?  Am I able to physically go in and TAKE ANOTHER PERSONS MONEY or make them sign paperwork they never wanted to sign ?  HARDLY. I’m not a physical threat to anyone and any fights I may have will be done through ATTORNEYS. On the flip side of that, am I going to be a DUMMY or will I let people in this business RUN OVER ME ?  You can FORGET THAT ONE. It will NEVER HAPPEN as long as I am breathing.

When I do a business deal, I surround myself with the BEST ATTORNEYS MY MONEY CAN BUY at the time and I instruct them to get every dime I can LEGALLY and RIGHTFULLY GET for me and the artists, writers and producers who are my clients. When I am negotiating and trying to close a deal for me and my people who put their trust and faith in me, I am NOT in the business of trying to MAKE FRIENDS. I am trying my hardest to MAXIMIZE OUR EARNING POTENTIAL. Is it MY FAULT if the other person I’m negotiating with has “BOO-BOO THE BOZO” representing them ?  Really, MISS ME WITH THAT CRAP. On the bottom of EVERY LEGITIMATE CONTRACT, there is a clause that states the following information… ” BEFORE YOU SIGN THIS CONTRACT, PLEASE CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY OF YOUR CHOICE”. If YOU decide NOT TO DO THAT, THEN SHAME ON YOU. I will NEVER TRY TO CHEAT OR STEAL FROM ANYONE I DO BUSINESS WITH and neither should any of you reading this. When I do business, again, I am NOT THERE TO BE YOUR FRIEND. I am there to do a DEAL and I will RESPECT you as a businessperson and hopefully through time we can develop a mutual trust for one another AFTER WE MAKE SOME MONEY TOGETHER. I know that might sound COLD, but I don’t throw around the words FRIEND and LOVE when there’s NO HISTORY TO BASE THOSE TERMS ON. Maybe if people took that approach more often, there would be fewer problems in our business. All I know is that whenever I do a deal with somebody, they COME OUT WITH MORE MONEY THAN THEY WENT IN WITH. I don’t want to hear that crap like  I GOT YOU HOMEY, because most likely YOU DON’T. CASE CLOSED.

On the creative side, I just heard some bangin’ music from MR.OCTAVIOUS MILLER who just put on the WEST COAST HIP HOP AWARDS in San Francisco. His company just released a compilation cd which has several hot songs from a variety of West Coast artists that will keep you thoroughly entertained. To listen to this cd please go to:   you won’t be disappointed.

Another artist that is making a lot of noise in the Mid-West is a young 16 year old Rapper who records under the name of “QUE”. This artist is DEFINITELY gonna blow up very shortly, so don’t sleep on him. The project is being launched by 3D ENTERTAINMENT/TONESTRUCK RECORDS and they are based out of MILWAUKEE. Leading the promotion and marketing campaign is MR. LEE FORD, MR. KB BARRELL and MR. DEVON DENT.

On the R&B tip, please do yourself a favor and pick up the new album entitled “PLEASURE, PAIN & PASSION” by the artist “LENA J” on LADY J ENT. To me, she sounds like a mixture of MINNIE RIPPERTON meets THE EMOTIONS. This beautiful young lady is just BADDD !  She is being produced by the Multi-Platinum producers DJ BATTLECAT and AMPLIFIED as well as BEATMASTA WES who crafted several hits for UGK and INDIA ARIE. The project can be purchased on iTUNES and other digital outlets.

On the film side, I just saw a new DVD that was released last week called ” A GANGSTA BETTA KNOW.. COLORS… THE PREQUEL” which kept me locked to the screen and calling folks from coast to coast to see it !   The film was directed and produced by MR. FRANK PALMER out of WATTS CALIFORNIA and it is being promoted by the extremely popular actor MR. GLENN PLUMMER. It’s the BEST DVD of it’s kind I have seen in YEARS !    DON’T SLEEP. Get your copy by going to    YOU WIIL LOVE THIS ONE !

Until next time, stay safe, stay focused and stay with GOD.

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