*If you’ve been anywhere near a TV or just surfing around the web, you’ve probably come across New York Gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan.

The outrageous retired postal worker has made headlines with his catch-phrase “The Rent Is Too Damn High!” He also admits that he doesn’t pay rent on his apartment because he is the building’s maintenance man, but that hasn’t stopped his message from reaching the masses.

Like we said, if you’ve been anywhere near a TV or the Internet you couldn’t miss it. With that kind of exposure and popularity, and the fact that Jimmy is, well, a little “off,” it should come as no surprise that he makes for the perfect candidate to be parodied by Saturday Night Live.

Sooo, comedian Keenan Thompson donned a wig, beard, mustache and black gloves this past Saturday night and became Jimmy McMillan. And as far as we’re concerned, he nailed it. Enjoy. 🙂