*Atlanta — Filmmaker Marlon Campbell announces plans to release a candid autobiography entitled, “What TMZ Didn’t Tell You.”

Segments of this book focuses on Campbell and his first cousin, Tyler Perry, and their childhood together on the crime-stricken streets of New Orleans, as well as prior business dealings with Perry early in his film career.

“This book is meant to inform people of the high and lows of my life in the entertainment business, as well as tell my story, in my own words. No propaganda.”

In 2008, TMZ.com released news that filmmaker Tyler Perry and Campbell were at odds. TMZ reported that Perry and his lawyers accused Campbell of intentionally infringing upon the Tyler Perry brand, by mentioning Perry’s name in connection with Campbell’s highly anticipated motion picture entitled, Oblivious.

“I’ve never used Tyler Perry being my cousin to further any of my projects. I started in the entertainment business in the late 80’s, Tyler came along in the late 90’s. Unfortunately, during a radio interview about my film, I was asked if Tyler was my cousin. I told the truth, he is my cousin. Our mothers are sisters,” stated Campbell. “I’ve been claiming Tyler as my cousin since I learned how to speak; when he had nothing at all.”

Ironically, since the death of Perry’s mother last December, Campbell’s mother, Jerry Banks, one of the inspirations behind the popular pistol-packing “Madea” character, is now Perry’s maternal figure. He calls her “Teedy,” and she’s the matriarch of his empire.

The media mogul introduced his favorite aunt on the Wednesday, October 20 airing of The Oprah Winfrey Show, a groundbreaking interview that mirrors much of what Campbell reveals in his autobiography.

The book is scheduled for release at http://www.whattmzdidnttellyou.com on Thanksgiving 2010.

Crystal Brooks
[email protected]