*In 2008, Natalie Cole told the world that she had been diagnosed with hepatitis C and was also suffering from a kidney disease. Now she is getting ready to show the world behind the scenes what it is like living with disease in her new memoir “Love Brought Me Back: A Journey of Loss and Gain.”

The journey follows the 60-year-old Los Angeles native through a successful kidney transplant the day her sister passed away.

Her past is not all flowers. Since she made her musical debut in 1975, the singer has struggled with drug addiction, which she documented in her 2000 autobiography, “Angel on My Shoulder.”

According to BVNewswire.com, “Love Brought Me Back” will focus more on her memories of her legendary father Nat “King” Cole, as well as encounters with some of the big-name singers that influenced her the most, like Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughn and Sammy Davis, Jr., in addition to her more recent health problems.

Her publisher said it will highlight “her sometimes turbulent life experiences” as well as her “strong religious faith, positive attitude, an impassioned belief in the value of friends, and a reliance on the sustaining power of love.”

The memoir will be released Nov. 9.