*A Utah-based headphones company is taking advantage of the spooky season to promote their newest product, Skullcandy premium headphones.

The company is using NBA stars to make it happen with its exclusive “Skullcandy Crew.”

The Skullcandy NBA team consists of: Kevin Durant and James Harden of the Oklahoma Thunder, Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose and from the Philadelphia Sixers, Andre Iguodala.

“With teams in surf, skate, snow and several other action sports, it only made sense to broaden the Skullcandy Family to include NBA superstars, further cementing the bond between music and athletes,” the company said in a press release.

Throughout the season’s campaign, the company will be giving exclusive access to behind-the scenes fun with the NBA crew.

“Whether it’s taking over the Skullcandy Twitter account, hanging backstage at concerts, or dropping beats with the Roc Nation family, the Skullcandy Crew will give you the courtside view into the life of some real ballers,” said the company.