*Glenn Beck and much of the mainstream media flattered itself that the One Nation Working Together Rally in Washington D.C. was staged as an answer, no a reaction, to Beck’s phony counterinsurgent, badly misnamed Restoring Honor rally that insulted the name, memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was no such thing.

The One Nation rally was planned long before Beck dreamed up his tawdry publicity stunt. Unlike Beck’s charade, the One Nation rally was the perfect blend of grassroots local and national planning and organizing by civil rights, civil liberties and progressive groups.

And unlike Beck’s unabashed, shameless media play spectacle, it had a serious purpose. That was to reinforce the defined and specified goal of more and better jobs, justice and public education.

This also presents a special challenge. The challenge is to keep the troops fired up for November, and beyond. The last thing that’s needed is another big feel-good gathering where thousands blow off steam, and then go home and do nothing.

There’s a solid model to insure that doesn’t happen, and that’s the model that One Nation proudly patterned itself after; the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Justice.

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