*They say America is a place where anyone can be president now. Well, perhaps more people are inspired thanks to our current and fearless leader, President Barack Obama.

Grammy award winner, Rhymefest is not running for the top seat, yet. But he is readying his campaign for alderman of the 20th ward in Chicago. Che “Rhymefest” Smith announced his candidacy on Oct. 21. And guess who’s endorsing him? None other than Mr. I Can Say What I Want, When I Want himself – Kanye West.

And yes, Rhymefest is serious about this.

“For too long our communities have been dictated to without them having any
say so,” said the 33-year-old artist. “This election will represent a clear contrast between fresh ideas and the politics of the past.”

Well, he may be a rhymer, but he speaks like a true politician. The election will be held in Feb. 2011.