*The world of music cannot but respect the work and opinions of veteran artists like Ron Isley. The R&B trendsetter is getting ready to release another hot album entitled “Mr. I.”

The project, which is bound to be popular, is scheduled to hit stores Nov. 30. This will be his first release since his federal prison time for tax evasion charges.

Despite his recent hang up and disappearing act, Isley will be receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Soul Train Awards on Nov. 10. The show will air on BET and Centric Nov. 28.

The legend spoke with Singersroom about his anticipated award.

“Being black that was the only thing. It was real but it was the only thing,” Ron tells Singersroom. “You couldn’t get on TV cause TV wasn’t showing nothing else. So Soul Train was one of the ways to show your people what you were doing. I’m glad about Soul Train and that it last this long. Like I said it was the only thing for black people.”

On the upcoming album, fans are bound to hear the voices of Aretha Franklin, Lauren Hill, Tank, and even T.I.

“Man I was stunned,” Ron says about T.I. going back to prison. “We are all friends and the hope was that he got past this. He got 11 months…he may not have to do 11 months…you know but we didn’t want him to do any time.”