*Sex, sex, sex… it rules the world, rules minds, and has a tendency to create addicts. Sex is the number one most profitable trade in the world and has definitely became a monster in more ways than others. The sex trade industry, being a poduct of the addiction and greed for money has become of top concern across the country. According to recent studies, the trade has shot up lately.

In Part Three of the four-part series on U.S. sexual slavery, we will learn more about the mindset of these oppressors, reports MNN.

So what kind of a person gets into the business of trading flesh? Much like the victims of the trade, traffickers are generally without a specific profile. Still, Gary Haugen, president of the International Justice Mission, says two characteristics are universal in traffickers from the United States to Cambodia: “The two common factors you’re going to be able to rely upon regularly [are] greed and a capacity for violence.”

Other factors include the belief that they won’t get caught. “This is what we would see in the mind of traffickers: they fundamentally have no fear of God. They don’t think they’re ever going to be caught in whatever it is that they’re doing or brought to account,” explains Haugen.

They could be right, too. Although the United States’ laws are superior to those of many countries when it comes to the conviction and sentencing of pimps and traffickers, this has only encouraged secrecy within the crime. “In the United States, we have very sophisticated law enforcement, very capable law enforcement, and it also has a significant motivation to address the crime. So trafficking in the United States tends to be much more organized, then. It tends to be much more aggressively hidden,” says Haugen.

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