Amare Stoudamire

*Recently was on hand at a charitable event held by Amare Stoudamire’s Each 1 Teach 1 Foundation in conjunction with AM New York. The event featured a silent auction for sports memorabilia at the Lucky Strikes Bowling Alley on 42nd St in New York City.

The foundation’s stated goal is to uplift at-risk youth to continue their pursuit of knowledge by providing support and the necessary tools for success. 100 percent of the door proceeds, as well as proceeds from the silent auction, went to the foundation.

“With my foundation we try to cure poverty through education,” Stoudamire told us. “A lot of times, in certain neighborhoods, students don’t want to go to school. We try to raise the awareness of why they should go to school and make their way out the hood.”

Straight, no chaser. No B.S. Some kids don’t want to go to school and Amare wants to let them know why they should. Unfortunately, not everyone is 6 feet 10 inches tall with freakish athleticism, and even that is not an automatic ticket to the good life. Just ask your local, burnt out, former high school has-been. Education is the best way out of horrible surroundings, period.

“Tonight is all about having fun with bowling,” Amare joked. “So, while you’re having fun you’re able to give back to a great cause,” he continued. While we didn’t have a chance to see his bowling shoes, we bet they were a sight to see.

Allan Houston

Speaking of sights to see, New York City is abuzz about the upcoming NBA season. Some analyst think the Knicks won’t even have a .500 record, but assistant to the team president, Allan Houston believes the contrary. The last time there was this much excitement surrounding the Knicks Houston was raining down 3s himself.

Most former players simply leave the game of professional basketball when they hang up their kicks, while others are lucky enough to become coaches. Fewer still get jobs in the front office. We asked him what’s that’s like.

“It’s wonderful! I’m assistant to the president which is kind of like assistant G.M. Really it’s just helping Donnie (Walsh) and the staff continue to build the team to the point where we want it to be again,” said Houston.

In other words, he helps Walsh better relate to the players on the team. He also has a better idea of who has game, and who is pretending.

“I’m excited because they work really hard,” he continued. “I was fortunate enough to have witnessed us come out of a really good summer. I’m really excited for them because now they get to see how good they really are and see where the measuring stick is.”

When asked if he aspires to be a G.M. in the future, Houston simply smiled.

“Whatever God has in his plans, man! I’m ready for it,” then he bid us farewell.

The next Knick to walk through the door was Tony Douglas, who has been looking great in the preseason. He’ll be looked to for defense and 3 point shooting. Here’s what he said of his aspirations for the season.

“I just want to bring defense in and bring energy off the bench,” said Douglas. “Either as a starter or coming off the bench. It doesn’t matter. I just want to make sure I do whatever it takes to win. I stay on my grind, I stay in the gym and work hard everyday.”

Douglas also mentioned his charitable works with the Douglas Brothers Foundation based out of Atlanta. He told that he is inspired by Amare’s example and will look to do more things in New York City.

“I have a foundation, me and my brother, called the Douglas Brothers Foundation of Atlanta,” he explained. “We do things for Thanksgiving and Christmas, things like that. Eventually I’m going to do some stuff here while I’m in New York. It’s good thing what Amare is doing right now. That’s why I’m here to support him.”

Roger Mason, Jr., another brand new addition to the New York Knicks is yet another small forward in a team that’s loaded with wing players. But Mason doesn’t think that’s a disadvantage at all.

“So far so good, you know? We have a great team with a lot of potential to do good things.

So, I’m just looking forward to the season starting. I think it will be important,” said Mason when asked about the team’s depth at his position. “We have a versatile team and a team where guys can play a lot of positions, so I’m looking forward to contributing.”

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