*People questioned the sex of Caster Semenya when she won the World Championships in the 800-meter run earlier this year. Folks were saying her remarkable ability and speed was just too miraculous for her to actually be a woman. So controversy ensued.

Since the negative publicity, the young athlete has had the most trouble getting support and the financial backing to do her thing.

Semenya’s manager, Tshepo Seema, spoke with the Associated Press. She said:

“We have been to various companies, motor companies, cell phone companies, restaurant chains, a whole range of companies. Caster has been cleared to compete as a female athlete, she should get the opportunity for sponsorship. Companies have said there is a lot of uncertainty around Caster. They have said, ‘We can’t touch her.'”

While the athlete is being financially supported by the South African government and a track clothing company is providing her sportswear, she is having trouble raising money for international travel. So she has even taken to asking her supporters via Facebook to donate money to her cause, but so far it has been unsuccessful.

Speculation about her sex and possible drug use is still an issue at this point.