*Vanilla Ice is making a come back to entertainment, and no, thank God it isn’t rap. He’s back with “The Vanilla Ice Project,” a TV show where he shows off his skills as a carpenter. He takes his audience on a journey as he rebuilds and flips luxury homes.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years,” Vanilla Ice said in the interview. “Not just flipping homes, but remodeling them. And when the market was really good, up until 2005, I was also buying land and building homes. It would take me more than a year to get a return on the money [for each home].”

He continued, “I [went] to these seminars by (real estate investing guru) Robert Shemin,” Ice continued.  “I read his books and learned a ton about real estate.  With the economy dropping and the real estate market dropping like it did [in the past few years], I learned how to adapt – and it actually works better for me as an investor now.

Now I can buy a home [for less money] than I can build one, and I don’t have to go through that long-term process of building it. I can get these distressed homes, and get some really good deals. Then three or four months later [after renovating them], I can make money. It’s very profitable. And it’s something I enjoy doing. It’s actually fun for me.”

“The Vanilla Ice Project” airs on the DIY Network.