*OK Miami Heat and LeBron James haters, you can officially start gloating now. James and the Heat lost their season opener to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, 88-80.

Despite LeBron’s 31 points, the Heat couldn’t pull it together, with Dwayne Wade scoring just 13 points and Chris Bosh scoring eight.

Celtics fans rained chants of “overrated!” on them, but Boston’s coach, Doc Rivers said after the game that the Heat will still be “great.”

James explained his team’s failure by saying, “When you have so many options, it’s something I’m not accustomed to, having that many threats out on the court at the same time.”

In other LeBron James news, for the moment, it seems like he’s in a no-win situation as far as his popularity with non-Heat fans and observers. The latest example is the reaction to his new Nike commercial in which the refrain is “what should I do?”

The 90 second advert is clearly the superstar’s response to the reaction to his “Decision” back in June. And he’s obviously sending a message to his biggest critic, former NBA great and now NBA commentator, Charles Barkley by including the reference to the “I’m not a role model” Nike commercial from nearly 20 years ago, as well as winking and saying “Hi Chuck” after biting into a donut.

Barkley’s response is the ad is “a waste of money” and adds that “LeBron’s trying too hard. Nike is trying too hard.”

What do you think?

In other NBA action last night, the defending champs, the Los Angeles Lakers came from behind, on the heroic 4th quarter 3 point shooting of Monica’s fiance’ Shannon Brown, to defeat Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets 112 to 110. Portland also beat Phoenix 106 to 92.