*Not only has Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon confirmed that they are indeed expecting a baby this spring, but the couple also revealed that Carey was pregnant two years ago, yet suffered a miscarriage.

This morning, NBC’s “Today” aired a portion of the couple’s sit-down with “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush. [Watch below.] The interview covered her current pregnancy as well as the devastation suffered in 2008 following her whirlwind wedding – which itself fueled rumors that the nuptials were of a shotgun variety.

Mariah says she was not pregnant at the time of their ceremony, but shortly afterward, while in Monte Carlo for the 2008 World Music Awards (amid relentless media speculation that a baby was in the oven) they decided to humor themselves and find out for sure.

“We took a test and it was positive,” Carey said. “And we were like, ‘Is it real?’ “Only one person knew about this and we were like, ‘Let’s not tell anybody else.’” But a little over a month later, Mariah miscarried.

“It was really sad. We really had to absorb this and take it in,” Carey said.

Nick said he really admired “her strength” during that period – when no one had a clue what she was going through, “to be so festive during the day and smiling for cameras and spending time with everyone – and then literally at night crying herself to sleep,” said Cannon . More of the couple’s interview will be seen on tonight’s “Access Hollywood.” Carey goes on to deny rumors that she had in-vitro fertilization and went to the same fertility clinic as Jennifer Lopez. She says she conceived naturally with Nick.

Also, Mariah says she does not know whether the baby is a boy, which had been reported this week, or a girl. The singer wants to wait until delivery day to learn the sex of the baby. But she admits that may not be able to hold out – especially when it’s time to start decorating the nursery .

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