*With Wednesday’s escapade in Atlanta, T.I is a hero, but is also being questioned. Was the whole thing a publicity stunt? The rapper said it was a genuine interest in saving someone’s life.

TIP says that he heard the story of the suicidal man on the radio and proceeded to the scene to see if he could help in anyway. T.I. told the man, “I want to speak to you, and that it’s not that bad. I’m willing to do whatever it is to help the situation, but I can’t do that unless you help me help you.”

He plans to stay in touch with the man, saying he will do anything he can to make things better.

Yet rumors have been flying around that this may have been for the media attention … a way to get some serious shine and possibly influence the outcome of his parole hearing which is today. He spoke on BET about it Thursday.

“I’m aware some people are saying this was a publicity stunt. That’s preposterous. People refuse to acknowledge that God has a purpose for all people. Fate and destiny, all these things, they put us where we’re supposed to be. This was not a coincidence. I didn’t wake up in the morning knowing this was going to happen. This wasn’t on my list of things to do today.”

He continued saying, “If anything, I’ve known it before, felt it before, but in your darkest hours you lose sight of the fact that you can help people. This isn’t out of the norm for me to go out of my way to help people, regardless of my circumstances. That isn’t out of character for me, but I still have a hard time taking any credit for this. It was God’s work, God’s plan, I just happened to show up at the right time.”

Meanwhile, in a radio interview, the rapper explains how his involvement came about:

If you haven’t seen it, here’s footage from the scene: