*So it looks like Young Buck’s possessions are off the market. An auction determined by the Internal Revenue Service to sell the rappers personal belongings was canceled. The sale was supposed to happen this week.

We presume he’s giving the IRS the old 2-finger salute in the photo above. (And you thought he was trying to get your attention, didn’t you?)

Just in time, Buck’s lawyer filed suit to recover his property and stop the auction. He instead will sell real estate worth $638,500 to repay the taxes.

Like a lot of folks these days, he spread the message via Twitter:

“Sorry PEOPLE. There will be no AUCTION of my STUFF tomorrow!! Lol!! TRY AGAIN. HUH ???”

The rapper owed more than $164,000 in unpaid debt to Uncle Sam. His home was raided and his possessions were seized in August as a result.

His attorney claimed that the rapper needed his items for Buck’s “peace of mind to maintain calmness in order to stimulate the creative juices.”