*Researchers have discovered the most religious place on earth: The area between the Sahara Desert and the southern tip of Africa.

Here Christianity, and to a lesser extent Islam, are attracting followers in numbers not seen in more than 100 years.

Most people will remember Soweto for the role it played in the struggle against racial segregation. Twenty years after the end of apartheid, inside South Africa’s biggest black township, another image is emerging.

Soweto is on fire for God.

“People come here and they really sense that they’ve had an encounter with God,” said Pastor Mosa Sono of Grace Bible Church in Soweto.

‘Hungry for God’

Grace Bible Church is where it’s happening. The church began in 1983 with a handful of people. It now has more than 15,000 members and 11 satellite churches across South Africa.

It is by far the largest church in Soweto.

“God said if you seek me you will find me, if you long for me, if you seek me with all you heart,” Sono said. “I think Africa is very hungry for God.”

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