*Akon says he is not likely to release unfinished songs he recorded with the late Michael Jackson, and may go so far as to burn them to ensure they never see the light of day.

The quote comes just as their duet “Hold My Hand” is scheduled to go on sale next week as the lead single from Jackson’s posthumous album “Michael.” The two recorded lots of material together, and Akon originally planned to release “Hold My Hand” on his own album before Jackson’s death.

“I’m definitely excited about our single, because that was finished, complete, and I’m happy with the outcome,” Akon told MTV News. “And I know [Jackson] was [happy] ’cause we were there finishing the song together, so I’m really happy about what we accomplished on that record ‘Hold My Hand’.”

But on the possibility of releasing further tracks from their sessions, he added: “Me and Mike worked on a lot of concepts before he passed. ‘Hold My Hand’ was one of the records that was actually fully complete – the rest of the records are incomplete.

“They’re just ideas, concepts, harmonies and stuff like that which the world will probably never see because I wouldn’t want to put it out unfinished – so I might just burn it after this interview, because I might just get tempted to do a remix!

“I know at the end of the day if it wasn’t fully complete, I don’t think he would see it released that way. I probably wouldn’t ever put myself in a position to make that choice. “

As for “Hold My Hand,” Akon added: “We was trying to find the unity, like what can we possibly translate that can bring the world together? It was a song I was previously working on that I eventually let [Jackson] hear, and when he heard it, he fell in love with it.

“We clicked instantly when it came to it. That was the main concept: let’s figure out something we can leave behind [and] 20,000 years later it can still be relevant.”