*This whole Raz-B/Marques Houston business is really getting out of control. According to reports, Houston was granted a restraining order on Wednesday against DeMario “Raz-B” Thornton (above) saying he “falsely accused me of molesting him.”

“About three weeks ago, DeMario Thornton, aka Raz B, released a video recording via the Internet of a conversation that we had…DeMario is screaming at me…he has a deranged demeanor and is not acting like a reasonable person,” Houston wrote in his formal complaint. “After I hung up on DeMario, he continued recording himself and falsely accused me of molesting him.”

Marques Houston


There will be a courthouse hearing on Nov. 22 regarding the order, according to radaronline.com. Houston claims Raz-B’s actions have caused him emotional distress and worries that “he would become physically violent towards me and others.”

Raz-B has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Houston and from his home, job, and vehicle.

But that isn’t stopping the former B2K singer from executing his vengeance. He recently made some new allegations toward his former band member, Lil’ Fizz and Bow Wow on a Sirius Satellite radio show, “The Funeral.”

He alluded to some sexual relationship between the two saying, “Bow Wow used to always come over to the house in Diamond Bar. And I’ve always seen some weird s-t before. Trust me.”

Bow Wow responded via VIBE.com:

Bow Wow

“I don’t know Raz at all. The only thing that I was ever affiliated with him was by the Scream tour. But all that funny s-t he poppin’ needs to be left over there. I’m over here just trying to do me. We were never even labelmates or anything. Maybe because my video is out, ni-as feel like they got to eat off my name or try to become relevant.”

The rapper/actor then asked why would he do something like that when he gets “so much play.”

Bow Wow concluded that he was shocked about the news that came out about what supposedly happened back in the day, but he just does not want his name dragged into the mess.

“Basically, don’t drag my name in nothing. Raz can’t even contact me because they don’t have my numbers. See, I don’t want to talk to him or waste my time.”