*The “one-hit-wonder” … kind of, Antoine Dodson, recently spoke with a reporter at the offices of a company called Phone Greetings. He talked about family, fame, and his upcoming book.

Being that Dodson has moved from the projects to suburbs and is on television and radio stations all over, how else is he taking advantage of his 15, er, 30 minutes of fame?

“I am working on my reality show. We are working on the idea and the concept right now. I have a book and a dictionary coming out, and of course phone greetings. The phone greetings are personalized greetings and you can send them as a phone message, or email and they’re for any occasion. They have motivational messages and there’s one for every holiday.”

When asked what the book would be about, he replied:

“What will your book be about? Autobiographical? What about your dictionary? Sorta, the book will be from the day before everything happened and everything leading up to that moment. You know there’s a reason I reacted the way I did and had the du-rag on. The dictionary will be about my catch phrases, cuz you know sometimes I’ll be out and people won’t really get what I’m saying so it’ll be made up of all my catch phrases.”

He said this whole experience has been good. In fact, he thinks it’s “beautiful.”

Dodson also added that most of his fans are rape victims so he will never forget what happened and how his fame came to be.

“Any chance I get to go to Lincoln Park I go out there and look for him. No, he has not been caught. At the beginning police did help and they told us 2-3 months for fingerprints to process. We called just before I got here and now they’re telling me it could take up to 2 years because they’re so behind on their cases,” he said.

How is his sister doing?

“She’s better now. Kelly, she’s got her smile back. My niece is still scared. She’s two-years-old and she was in the bed when the guy snuck in through the window, he laid down on top of her. She gets scared when she sees shadows and when you knock on the door you have to knock softly,” he said.

Dodson is currently working with RAINN, an organization that raises money for rape victims.

Get more info on Antoine Dodson at his official website: www.antoine-dodson.com.