*There was a big stink. People all over the country were surprised and some were livid.

Was Pop/R&B singer, Beyonce’s dad really going to be a new father? Plus, could it be true that was he really fathering a baby with a woman who isn’t Tina Knowles, his wife.

Turns out, a court order and DNA test said, yes it is true. But, was it the woman who was first rumored – the woman whose name, video and photo images remain implicated at several places on the internet.

Is Audra Lowe, host of the nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show “Better,” a home wrecker, and the woman thought responsible for Tina and Mathew Knowles’ impending divorce, which as of today, may be off.

Audra Lowe and Condoleezza Rice

Lowe, who’s lifestyle show includes discussions on relationship perspectives says no, it’s not true. She was pregnant alright, but the baby belongs to her husband. Lowe said she and her baby suffered death threats. She also said she’s nearly 100 percent sure of the person’s identity who started the rumor, and she believes she also knows why. After involving her legal team many of the rumors were forced down – off of the internet, but some, which had already gone viral, remain.

The TV show host mentions laws that say public figures have far fewer rights to privacy than an ordinary person and says she’s open game, but it’s considered defamation when reports aren’t true. She warns everyone that before believing anything they find on the internet, they should make sure it’s from a reliable source. Plus, Lowe tells EURweb what she’s up to next.

Listen in to the EURweb Audio Interview with Audra Lowe. EURweb host Billie Jordan finds out the interesting details.

Listen in as Billie Jordan speaks with Audra Lowe and gets her side of the story: