*Kanye West says he now feels for George W. Bush, who writes in his new memoir that the worst moment of his presidency was when the rapper called him a racist for his slow reaction to Hurricane Katrina.

“I definitely can understand the way he feels, to be accused of being a racist in any way, because the same thing happened to me, you know, I got accused of being a racist,” West said Wednesday in an interview with Houston radio station 97.9, referring to his infamous ambush of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

“For both situations, it was basically a lack of compassion that America saw in that situation,” continued West. “With him, it was a lack of compassion of him not rushing, him not taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. For me, it was a lack of compassion of cutting someone off in their moment.

“But nonetheless, I think we’re all quick to pull a race card in America,” West went on. “And now I’m more open, and the poetic justice that I feel, to have went through the same thing that he went [through]-and now I really more connect with him on just a humanitarian level.”