Need fun and engaging photos for your website or blog? Of course you do. Whether it’s smiling faces, kids in the snow, yummy food, or serious corporate types, the right pictures can make all the difference in getting prospects to spend more time on your site… and maybe even buy from you!

The good news is that there are plenty of royalty free (unlimited use) stock photo sites to choose from. Many have lots (and lots!) of affordable and free pictures, plus different payment options depending on whether you’re looking for just one photo or have ongoing picture needs.

Here’s our list of the 28 best free and affordable stock photo sites. We’ve ranked them based on our editorial review, monthly US visitors (estimated by Compete), and Google page rank (a key factor in determining ranking in search results… the higher the better). And we’ve used many of them too!

Monthly Visitors
Fotosearch Per Photo, subscription plans 2,504,000 7
iStockphoto Buy credits, subscription plans 1,586,000 7
Shutterstock Image packs, subscription plans 1,417,000 7
Dreamstime Buy credits, subscription plans 1,201,000 8
Getty Images Per photo 679,000 7
123RF Buy credits, subscription plans 496,000 6
Bigstock Buy credits 243,000 6
Can Stock Photo Buy credits, subscription plans 243,000 5
Corbis Images Per photo 232,000 6
Stock.xchng Free photos (registration) 214,000 8
Veer Per photo, buy credits 162,000 6 Free (link back), per photo 155,000 7
Inmagine Per photo 149,000 6
iCLIPART Per photo, subscription plans 131,000 6
Pixmac Buy credits, subscription plans 130,000 5 Free (author link), per photo 117,000 7
Jupiterimages Image packs, subscription plans 67,000 7
Thinkstock Image packs, subscription plans 65,000 6
morgueFile Free photos 61,000 7 Subscription plans 51,000 7
Everystockphoto Free photos (author link) 37,000 6
Public-Domain-Photos Free photos 33,000 5
Free Images Free photos (link back) 27,000 7
PD Photo Free photos 26,000 7
PhotoXpress Free photos, subscription plans 26,000 5
OpenPhoto Free photos (author link) 22,000 7
FreePhotosBank Free photos, buy credits 21,000 6
Deposit Photos Buy credits, subscriptions plans 20,000 4

Everyone’s needs are different, so definitely take a look at these stock photo websites to see which is best for you. This list doesn’t include photo sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket which can also be good sources (just check licensing before using).

Let us know which stock photo sites you decide to go with… or if you have any favorites you’d like to recommend!