Beyonce gives Taylor Swift the spotlight after her acceptance speech was interrupted earlier by Kanye West saying Beyonce deserved to win.

*On Thanksgiving night, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kanye West will be lumped together for the first time since their ill-fated convergence at the Sept. 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Beyonce’s Thanksgiving special for ABC has just gotten competition: Taylor Swift has announced her own “Taylor Swift: Speak Now” primetime musical show, set to air Thanksgiving night on NBC.

The hour-long special will feature the country star performing nine songs from third album “Speak Now” in various locations, including the tour of a Hollywood tour bus and New York’s Central Park, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show will also include behind-the-scenes footage of Swift recording “Speak Now” and her recent publicity tour.

Meanwhile, “Beyonce’s I Am .. World Tour,” which is the singer’s second annual primetime special on Thanksgiving, will feature appearances by her husband Jay-Z and …yes…Kanye West.

Although the specials are airing on separate networks, fans of both singers are in luck: Swift’s show runs from 8-9 p.m. EST, while Beyonce’s special starts at 9:30 EST.