*Beyonce turned the cameras on herself, asking “Why did God give me this life?”

In the privacy of her personal life, the singer has felt the dark moments of loneliness. During her I Am… Tour recording days, Beyonce exposed a side that is rarely seen by her fans and the public, when the cameras are off and the red carpet is rolled up.

In the footage, she can be seen shedding tears when she admits that sometimes she feels overwhelmed by her success.

She says, “Why did God give me this life?… Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Why did God give me my talent, my gift, my family? But I know you’re not supposed to question God. Only God knows. And I don’t take it for granted.”

At first, she hesitated about including the vulnerable moments of her travels, but she of course decided to allow her fans to experience her whole self.

“There was one moment I was in China and I was in this huge suite and I looked out the window and there were just thousands of people walking and I couldn’t believe my life. I guess I was a bit lonely and I wanted to talk to someone so I opened up my computer and I just talked.”