*Faith-based publication, Gospel Today is getting some negative attention recently from readers for its controversial cover for its Nov/Dec edition.

Bishop Eddie Long graces the magazine’s glossy front cover with an accompanying headline, “Bishop Eddie Long at the Center of the Scandal that Rocked the Church World.”

The publication’s editors are being accused of downplaying the allegations against the pastor, who is in the middle of a messy case of sexual coercion of four consenting-age young men from his church, according to Black Voices’ Jawn Murray.

One unedited subscriber note read:

“I got my latest issue of Gospel Today; with [Bishop] Eddie Long on the cover. I read the article and said to myself hmmmm seem like some sugar coating going on. Turned back to the 1st page and saw where the Bishop of his Church in NC is on your Board of Directors, I looked down and also saw that Eddie Long is on your Board of Advisors, I said all of that to say this. The best thing your magazine should have did was to not comment, but I do understand why you did. God is not pleased with all of the hypocrisy going on with these leaders and the things people will say and print just for MONEY!!!!”

Gospel Today’s publisher, Teresa Hairston posted a response to the letter on the website.

View the full article and Hairston’s letter here.