*Wow. The Fantasia Barrino/Antwuan Cook story just keeps getting juicer and juicer. Or sadder and sadder, depending on your point of view.

Here’s the latest.

According to online reports, on Monday, in court, under oath, Fantasia testified to aborting her unborn child with Cook, around the time she attempted suicide.

The bombshell confession came during her ex-lover’s divorce hearing with his ex-wife Paula Cook.

Barrino acknowledges they dated “off and on for about 11 months” but was told by Cook that he was separated from his wife.

Paula cook is attempting to cash-in on an obscure North Carolina law that allows a cheated on spouse to file an Alienation of Affection lawsuit.

Alienation of Affection is a law recognized by only seven states and North Carolina is one of them.

During the divorce proceedings, Paula Cook’s lawyer questioned Barrino about her relationship with Antwuan Cook, trying to show that Fantasia knew he was married. To prove her assertion, Mrs. Cook’s attorney claimed that Barrino and Cook reserved a hotel room a few days after they met, which according to her, illustrated that Barrino knew he was married. However, Barrino and Cook have continued to claim they were together only after Cook and his wife separated.

Paula Cook with son