*After Brandy got booted off “Dancing with the Stars,” it dawned on to some folks that the voting system needs to be changed.

Staffers of the show agreed.

“People here went crazy. Not only was everyone stunned that Bristol [Palin] will be in the finals,” the staffer said, “It just made everyone realize the voting system really needs to be changed. This is going to lead to a reworking of the entire voting system.”

The staffer continued:

“There definitely will be a restructuring to give the judges’ votes more weight. … It’s tricky, because like ‘American Idol,’ the strength of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ popularity is the fact people know they can have an impact. We don’t want to lose that because that could have a detrimental effect on ratings, but this is getting nuts.”

Although Brandy held her composure during the verdict, she and her partner were pretty upset about it backstage.